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Benefits of Knee replacement surgery

  • Less Pain.
  • Increased Safety.
  • Faster Recovery.
  • Less Injury to tissue.
  • Less Scarring.
  • Precision in performance.


1) Does insurance cover the surgery?

Yes, our team will be able to help you in insurance approvals and clearances

2) How soon can I return to normal day-to-day activities after the surgery?

You can start walk from the next day and can return to normal lifestyle in 3-6 weeks

3) Can I play sports after the surgery?

You can return to low impact, like running and cycling, sports in 3 months. People can return to contact sports but it will lead to faster wear of the joint

4) Will there be any implant used in the surgery?

Yes, cemented implants are available cheap and abundant however, we recommend using uncemented implants due to higher acceptability and longer implant life.