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Critical Care also known as Intensive care is a multiprofessional healthcare speciality that provides Intensive care to patients with life threatening illness and injuries.Critical care is a highly specialized unit with specialized staff and equiptments for continuous care of critically ill,injured and post-operative patients.

The Critical Care Unit at The Santosh Hospital is a 85 Bed unit.The unit is subdivided into Medical Intensive Care Unit,Surgical Intensive Care Unit,CTVS Intensive Therapy Unit,Coronary Care Unit,Neonatal Intensive Care Unit,High Dependency Unit and Isolation Facility that delivers care to patients with complex and potentially life threatening conditions.

Critical care at The Santosh Hospital is provided by multiprofessional teams of highly experienced and professional physicians,nurses,respiratory care technicians and other health professionals who use unique expertise,highly sophisticated equiptments and services that lead to the best outcome for patients.

The Medical Intensive Care is Headed by Dr.Shantanu Kr. Das,Sr.Consultant Pulmonology and there is 24 hr dedicated medical coverage with a 1:1 nurse patient ratio.

Dr.Anirvan Karmakar,an experienced Anaesthesiologist and Intensivist is the Consultant in charge of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit.He is supported by Dr.Pradeep Singh an experienced Critical Care phycician and provides care of patients with complex medical and surgical problems.

The members of the critical care team have expertise in a variety of procedures including(but not limited to)central line, arterial line, pulmonary artery catheter, thoracocentesis, chest tubes, dialysis catheters, airway management, percutaneous dialational tracheostomy, bronchoscopy, nutritional support, managing patients on mechanical ventilation(invasive and non-invasive), pace maker insertion, cardiac output monitoring and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.