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Paediatrics and Neonatology
"Babies are such nice ways to start people". - Don Herold

Children should be our focus... Children are our most precious assets and our investments for the future of this planet...and in today's modernized and highly competitive world where everyone strives for excellence whether global, national or in a regional perspective, they are our future citizens. We at The Santosh Hospital realize and understand that healthy children will make healthy citizens, essential in achieving the dream of making India a developed nation as envisioned by Nehru... As a health care provider group in this part of the world, we are aware of our immense responsibility and commitment to the improvement in the health and well-being of our children.

With almost a third of our country's population comprising children, there are very few hospitals catering to their needs in this region of India. Private sector corporate hospitals in this region have never given enough importance to the child and have deliberately pushed Pediatrics to a corner in their vast spaces and and always treated the child as a 'miniature adult'.

While public sector centers for women and children thrive with meagre resources and poor infrastructure, often placing children and infants at serious risk due lack of beds and space, the country's infant mortality rates and other indices of pediatric health remain among the high!!!

We at THE Santosh Hospital have recognized the urgent need of a specialized pediatric unit for children, and created the finest advanced center of health for them in this part of India. We at The Santosh Hospital are trying to make a modest step in establishing Pediatrics as a specialized field of medicine not only amongst the medical fraternity, but in our society as well.

The Santosh Hospital (TMH) - a unit of Durgapur Medical Trust Pvt Ltd are dedicated to providing both prevention and cure of baby and child health care. The emphasis is on teamwork to ensure optimum care. TMH has believed in team work and has shown that we can deliver high standard care with excellent outcome through team work. We stress excellence, innovation and leadership in providing the best pediatric care and plan to be the best mother and child facility in the region.

At TMH we offer comprehensive child care, academic excellence and clinical research.
There are preventive Health packages also. We have the largest series of newborn and pediatric patients receiving ventilation in this region of India. The hospital's clinical staffs include strong team of highly qualified and experienced Consultants, dynamic team of residents and fellows, well trained nurses and paramedical personnel, and highly motivated team of full- and part-time employees.

We have 10 beds exclusively for general paediatrics and paediatric surgical speciality. The paediatric complex also houses a 10-bedded NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and PICU (Paediatric Intensive Care Unit). The hospital has round-the-clock Emergency department and in-house Paediatricians who care for the children. At the Santosh Hospital we have conducted paediatric and neonatal surgeries including corrective congenital cardiac defects, neurosurgeries, plastic surgeries, urological surgeries and general surgeries. We have managed to save premiees of even 750 grams. For the children staying in the hospital, there are child-friendly conveniences such as Play Area, books and cartoons, and Story-telling-program.

Combining our personal family-friendly touch with a deep focus on superior medical and surgical outcomes at an affordable cost, TMH has become renowned for our surgical and medical excellence for this region.
Departments of pediatric subspecialties (Neurology, Hematology, Nephrology, Gastroenterology and liver diseases, etc). Advanced Gynecology, Obstetric and Perinatal departments is also available in this hospital. The Pediatric Tertiary care center with state of the art level 3 Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive care units well supported by multiple pediatric subspecialties.

Blessed with the love and support of numerous happy families, we are still in the process of expansion and growth. The Pediatric and Perinatal center with state of the art level 3 Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Units. A Concept never before dreamt of in this Region...
In The Santosh Hospital (which stands for Passionate Pursuit of Excellence), there is a passion for excellence and finesse and an almost obsessive desire to provide the safest space for the child to recover from illness in the most evidence based manner. The idea was conceptualized after much research and thought to provide an ambience just right for the young developing child, with integrated medical infrastructure to care for any minor illness at one extreme to life threatening disease at the other. The architecture and engineering of this hospital has been custom designed for the child, making the delivery of healthcare optimal and effective.

The measure of our success is in the number of smiling faces by providing World Class Super Specialty Hospital Promoting Superior Clinical Excellence and Affordable Cost based on Distinctively Personalized Ethical Healthcare Practices.

Our Vision:
Our vision is to provide leading Tertiary Care for children and newborns for this communities and neighbouring cities. We aspire to be the place where families desire to celebrate the introduction of new beginnings, the well-being of their loved ones across generations - from children to adults to elders, and for some the challenging transitions of loved ones with dignity, comfort and smiles. We desire to be the favoured work-place and partner of choice for leading doctors, surgeons, nurses, specialists and staff. We want to be the safest and most trusted home and healthy-haven for anyone in our city and community.

Our Values :
Excellence in Patient Care (Patient Care First)
Care, Commitment and Compassion
Be the leading source for research and Discovery
Teach and Educate the next generation
Community health provider - patient centric care wih value for money to all sections of society
Superior Clinical Outcomes through Teamwork and Continuous Improvement
Distinctively Personalized Healthcare promoting Healthy Family Environments
Administrative spaces have been provided on the 4th floor along with a library and internet center. Academic offices for consultants with adjacent medical secretarial services and the counselling room are adjacent to the pediatric ward and the NICU in the 5th floor. The same floor houses advanced communication capability via satellite to overseas / remote centers.

A Peek into the ultimate center for Pediatrics...
To list all the technological innovations at TMH would mean several pages, but to visualize a general idea of the center... a few salient features

Fully centrally air-conditioned building including common areas to provide a dust free environment.
Filtered water supply, with reverse osmosis treated water piped to all critical areas including intensive care units.
Absolute assurance of uninterrupted power with adequate UPS (Uninterrupted Power Systems) and generator systems.
Critical Areas (Operating Rooms, Intensive Care Units) meet 'clean room standards' with proper access control and HEPA filtered and Ultraviolet light irradiated air supplied through the air-conditioning system.
Advanced hospital management system (integrated software developed by KARISHMA SOFTWARE.) to enable fast processing of work flow in all areas of functioning.
Designated emergency retrieval system with custom designed ambulances for neonatal and pediatric transports
Automated Pneumatic shute to transport laboratory samples, medicines and reports to different working areas
'Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers ~ strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength'. - Barbara Katz Rothman

From the moment you find out you are pregnant your life is transformed. The Santosh Hospital recognizes that childbirth is one of life's major events, sometimes complicated, but mostly a natural process involving intense emotions and physical experiences; an event which profoundly changes people's lives, and which can, and should be, very fulfilling for both mothers and fathers.

The Santosh Hospital offers all services you will need through pregnancy. All of your antenatal appointments, scans, blood tests, advice and exercise classes are availairthble to you at Rainbow Hospital. Whether you would like a natural birth, a water birth, an epidural for painless delivery we can help you make your delivery a rewarding experience.

Once your baby is born a Pediatrician attends to the baby at delivery and subsequently through the stay in the hospital since we are an Integrated Children's and Women's Unit. We offer useful advice on breastfeeding and bathing your newborn and postnatal care such as pelvic floor therapy if needed.

There is enough evidence indicating that health is shaped during the primal period (from conception until the first birthday). Many childhood and adult diseases like asthma, hypertension, autism, diabetes, myocardial infarction have origins in fetal life. It also suggests that the way we are born has long term consequences in terms of sociability, aggressiveness or, otherwise speaking, capacity to love.

To monitor and maintain the health of your unborn baby; The Fetal Medicine Department has

Dedicated Fetal Medicine specialists
Clinical geneticists.
3D ultrasound to check for birth defects
Doppler flow studies to be able to study the baby's blood flow
fetal echocardiography to study the unborn baby's heart in detail
advanced and complex fetal evaluation and management methods .
Any problems which are diagnosed in the fetal period allow time for planning management and treatment, allow to bring together teams which will deal with the baby at birth, enable to prepare parents mentally, socially, emotionally and financially for the future.

In the unfortunate few babies where no solutions can be offered; the Fetal Medicine team can ease the suffering of parents through early termination and provide support for them in this traumatic period.

At this department advice is provided on genetic diseases and preventing recurrences of birth defects in couples who have already delivered previously handicapped babies.

This department aims to provide high standards of care for the fetus so that every couple is able to fulfill their dream of giving birth to a healthy baby. Husbands are encouraged to accompany their wives to the scan to catch a glimpse of the unborn baby.

The Pediatric Services at The Santosh Hospital include outpatient and inpatient services for children and newborns. Children with ailments and problems of a non-critical nature can avail of these services and typically are evaluated and managed by scheduled appointments with our pediatricians or as walk in patients during the regular hours of the day.

Services offered include:

Diagnosis and Treatment of minor ailments in children
Professional Approach and Advice on Growth and Development Disorders
Advice on Vaccination
Screening Programme for Detection of Childhood Disease
Cross referral of patients to appropriate superspecialists as needed
Promptness of service and the tender loving care meted to children by our nursing staff during the long outpatient waiting period for children, are our hallmarks.