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The Santosh Hospital, has the finest Surgical Department in this industrial belt with experienced and competent surgeons. Matching modern equipment within the operation theatres, hundreds of critical surgeries have been successfully performed during the last two years. It is, indeed, a premier Department of the hospital bringing together an elite cadre of Clinicians and Specialists.

Surgical management in The Santosh Hospital is truly integrated, since patients receive multi speciality cover with free exchange of knowledge and expertise between consultant. The Department has already become a specialised referral centre with increasing number of patients with complex ailments. Patients treated or operated at other centre are referred here for treatment. The goal is to extend best patient care both on outpatient and inpatient basis including round the clock emergency services. Attaining excellence each time and every time is the objective.

Highlights of Surgical Services
The surgical services include the performance of specialized and complex surgical procedures for the management of diseases of various parts of the body such as:

Diseases of the liver and biliary tract, hydatid cyst, abscesses, gallstones, cholesystisis and post cholesystectomy complications, cholangitis, biliary tract strictures, choledochal cysts, all forms of surgical jaundice and pancreatic pseudocysts etc. to name a few
Disease of the stomach and alimentary canal including ulcers, tuberculosis, intestinal obstruction and perforation
Apart from all types of hernias (inguinal, incisional, paraumbilical), we specialize in repairing recurrent hernias who underwent primary repairs elsewhere
Conventional (open) as well as laparoscopic surgery for gall bladder and appendix
Breast diseases, hydrocele, hermorrhoids (piles), anal fistula and fissures and various surface swelling etc.
Emergency surgery for injuries (rupture spleen, blunt and penetrating abdominal injury), perforation, peritonitis, appendicitis, intestinal obstructions etc.
A special focus area of the unit is surgery in patients with various co-morbid conditions like
- Post CABG (heart bypass surgery)

- Patient who are on anticoagulant therapy following

- DVR/MVR (heart valve replacement)

- Patient with heart block

- Patient on dialysis and COPD

A key area of focus for the Santosh Hospital is 'minimally' invasive ('key hole') or laparoscopic surgery. It is well established over the year that this form of surgical management allows for a smoother and almost pain free post operative recovery, thus making it the preferred modality in the surgical management of an ever growing list of diseases. This hospital has become a centre of excellence for 'Laparoscopic Cholesystectomy'.

Those undergoing supra major operation are managed by a modern Surgical Intensive Care Unit manned by well-trained critical care specialists and intensivists.