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Corporate Social Responsibility
The phenomenon which makes mankind greatest among millions of living beings on the planet is society. So now it is our turn to do our bit for the society. Social Responsibility initiatives are the indispensible strategies for governance and this applies equally well in the field of Corporate framework also .From the poor deceived ones to the one residing in rural areas everyone is the part of the integral society. We, Santosh Hospital understand our responsibilities toward the society; hence we have undertaken number of programmes in this regard. We not only make sure that our programmes are efficient, but also ensure that they are sustainable and relevant to those meant to benefit from them. We try our best to provide the best health care to people of each section of our society irrespective of their geographic location or economic status. We have conducted several Free Health Screening and Awareness Camps along with free doctor consultant under the banner of Sujatha Hospital, a unit of Santosh Hospital. hair bundles uk