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We THE SANTOSH HOSPITAL are committed to provide state of the art high quality diagnostic services to our patients and referring physicians. Our facilities are equipped with high end, latest generation machines with cutting edge technology. This coupled with the highly experienced team of doctors; skilled technicians, nurses and supporting staff provide exceptional patient care and services round the clock.

THE SANTOSH HOSPITAL has one of the best equipped radiology departments -
  • 1.5 T HDXT MRI

The 1.5 HDXT MRI is a latest generation MRI system providing exceptional image quality with shorter imaging time and maximum patient comfort. Apart from doing routine studies the equipment has the ability to perform advanced cardiac applications, which includes cardiac perfusion and myocardial viability studies.

The BRILLIANCE is a multislicer CT scanner with tremendous clinical capabilities. It performs high quality CT studies at much lesser radiation doses and contrast volume. The machine is very fast and completes a scan within no time at much lesser radiation dose to the patient.

The EN VISOR C HD is ultrasonograhy equipment, which apart from doing routine studies is also equipped for the performance of Color Doppler flow imaging.

SENOGRAPHE DMR MAMMOGRAPHY UNIT has been recently installed and is helping us to detect benign and malignant breast lesions at an early stage.

COMPUTED RADIOGRAPHIC UNIT is fully functional and giving better quality images and has the capability to handle large patient loads.

HIS AND PACS are functional and are not only adding to the efficiency of our department but also of the whole hospital.

Apart from this, the department plays a very important and significant role in the overall health care delivery system and academic activities of the hospital. It provides a platform for research activities and plans to conduct various educational and research activities in near future.

The department plans to keep itself updated with induction of new equipment and technologies as and when required.